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     Gorgeous, Comfortable Dentures

Your smile says a lot about you. Don't let your old, worn-out and discolored dentures hide the real you. It's time for a denture makeover!

Denture technology has improved significantly. Your new, custom-made, state-of-the-art dentures can be built to blend with your skin, hair and eye color to make them look natural - giving you that drop-dead-gorgeous look. Call us to replace your ill-fitting dentures with new ones that're more natural, functional and comfortable!

What are dentures

Dentures are false teeth, that serve as fixed or removable replacements for missing teeth. While natural teeth are meant to last us a lifetime, several factors may result in irreparable damage. Dentures are a commonly used solution for replacing missing teeth.

Types of dentures

Every mouth is different. Depending upon the condition of your existing natural teeth, there may be different options available. If you have lost most or all of your natural teeth, Dr. Sharma can create a full removable denture. If only a few teeth are missing, you can get partial removable dentures. If the natural teeth around a gap are healthy enough, Dr. Sharma may create a bridge, which is a fixed denture.

The process of crafting dentures begins with an exam and evaluation by Dr. Sharma. She will discuss the condition of your teeth, and the options that're available. She can design a denture customized to your needs. Dr. Sharma will also discuss the best ways of taking care of your dentures.

The silver lining with dentures is that you have a lot of control over the shape and color of your new teeth. Dr. Sharma will discuss the different color shades and shapes that you can use.

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