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I highly recommend Dr. Sharma and her staff at Dental Comfort, she is a terrific dentist and she explains everything in detail before she begins working :- Katy D.

Tooth Extraction

At Dental Comfort our first priority is to help you retain a sparkling smile with your natural teeth. However,there are several conditions under which it becomes impossible to save a tooth, and it needs to be extracted. Some of the reasons why extractions are the only choice include:
  • Insufficient space for other teeth to grow
  • Severe gum disease that affects supporting tissues and structures of the teeth
  • Gross destruction of tooth due to extensive decay

Dr. Sharma has extensive experience with extractions. She understands what you're going through both mentally and physically, and takes all measures to ensure your comfort. She will administer advanced anesthetics before starting the procedure. You can watch your favorite movies on our flat-screen TV and can avail other amenities like blankets and teddy bears - whatever makes you comfortable. Dr. Sharma will also discuss post-operative steps and things to avoid/expect for normal healing.

For extractions and other dental needs, please schedule an appointment today - 510-490-4300

Patient review
Patient Review of Dental Comfort

Fremont dentist, Anu Sharma - experienced dentist serving California Bay Area cities of Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Milpitas and surrounding areas. Your award-winning dentist uses advanced dental technologies for all aspects of general dentistry. She is also a cosmetic dentist, certified in Invisalign and Lumineers. Dr. Sharma also treats children (as little as two) and can take care of most pediatric dentistry needs.

Dental Comfort - complete family dental practice, near the Fremont Hub. The office is accessible from Fremont Bart.

Fremont, CA based family, pediatric and cosmetic dentist
Serving Bay area of California
Fremont, Milpitas, Hayward, Newark, Union City, Pleasanton
4150 Walnut Ave, Fremont, CA

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